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The Art Of Decision Making! By Mike Favors

Hello there future success super heros! Imagine life as a big, exciting journey, and guess what? You get to be the superhero of your own story by making choices! This cool thing is called "decision making," and it's like picking the best path in your superhero journey.


Decisions are like choosing which superpower to use – sometimes you need to think really hard (just like superheroes do) using your brainpower. That's called "rational thinking." But, guess what? Your feelings, like when you're happy or sad, are like your superhero emotions. They help you decide what feels right, and that's called "emotional intuition."

Now, here's the super awesome part – the "growth mindset"!

Think of it like this: every challenge you face is like a mini-adventure that helps you become an even more fantastic superhero. It's like leveling up! So, when you make a decision, remember that you're not just choosing a path; you're also growing and getting stronger, just like your favorite superheroes.

Decisions might seem tricky, but with your superhero brain, emotional intuition, and a growth mindset, you're unstoppable! So, let's go out there, make some super decisions, and watch yourself grow into the amazing superhero you're meant to be! 🚀💪

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