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Can You See The Patterns in Your Results?

Have you ever taken a moment to analyze your results? Im not assuming they are bad or subpar, I'm just asking to see when was the last time you gave yourself a raise or took a 7-14 day vacation. If you have and you noticed that you are not where you want to be in life or business, there’s only one way to change those old patterns. We need to get to the root cause that created this pattern in the first place. We have to get to the 'Paradigm' (also known as the Blueprint of your thinking or your 'Operating System') of habits that you’ve built over all these years, and we have to change it into something that’s going to serve you, instead of keeping you stuck where you are, only to see the same dreaded results show up again and again.







This wheel of lack, hard work and exhaustion is one that over 90% of people are stuck in – and ironically, it’s simply because they don’t know how to change the habitual thoughts, patterns and behaviours that keep them there!​

Think about this for a minute: How many seminars, courses, and speakers have given you certain activities to follow for 30, 60 or even 90 days? How hard was it to stay consistent? Did you find yourself procrastinating, or simply just forgetting about it, only to continue to remain stuck with a lack of results? The 'same old, same old'?

Now think about this. How many times do we take action in our business or life that we know we shouldn’t (procrastination, worry, etc)…but we do it anyway? Isn’t that SO frustrating? Why the heck can’t we stop ourselves? We WANT to create a successful, fulfilled life… but why aren’t we taking the right ACTION to attract the right kind of thinking, habits, flow of people, more money, and ultimately change more lives around us- including, most importantly- our own?!


Simple, whether we like it or not, we are PROGRAMMED to remain within our 'Comfort Zone'.  So Attracting and Creating our ideal Life of Freedom requires a shift in the way we think, how we behave and ultimately how we act. However, our old way of thinking, called a paradigm which is our multitude of habits,  won’t take that very well. It will do everything it can to stop us. 




Clarity & Direction

Discover the art of goal achieving and how to reprogram your mind for success.


Close Your Gaps With Support

Step-by-step guidance through all 12
elements of success, helping you
close the gap from where you are to
where you wish to be.



Expand your network globally with
like-minded individuals who have
income opportunities to

share with you.

Thinking into Results is a unique mentorship, lead development programme based on the science and mechanics around results, based on over 75 years of intensive research on what makes successful people successful.

Brought to you by Mike Favors, award-winning, Global Expert in human performance and mindset. This extraordinary program is presented in twelve-step by step lessons, with live sessions directly with Mike each week to break down the science behind results in a way that is easy for you to learn, understand and implement.

These carefully structured and designed lessons ensure that the success habits and mindset become a part of your thinking, actions and results; and translate into an exceptional return on investment - YOU.

You will become a part of an exclusive international mastermind within the Essential Leaders Community, allowing you to network with entrepreneurs worldwide, creating priceless connections, income opportunities and having a support group of like-minded thinkers.

This adds to your goal achievement experience and dramatically speeds up the time in which you can achieve your results.

Led by one of Bob Proctor's premier Consultants, Dr. Mike Favors, President of Essential Leaders Institute.

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